By Nick Chandi on 08-04-2019

With more businesses using IT support services, the question of cyber security keeps dominating. Cybercriminals are increasingly launching phishing attacks to get hold of confidential data from unsuspecting users. One technique that cybercriminals use is unencrypted sites. You know a site is encrypted if it has a padlock icon or if it starts with HTTPS […]

7 Must Ask Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider

By Nick Chandi on 23-06-2016

So you are already looking forward to the benefits of having a cloud environment – a flexible work environment, operational efficiency, increased user productivity, and the list goes on – but what are some factors that make sure you have a positive experience with your new cloud provider? You have to do your due diligence […]

CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management vs Thompson Reuters Practice CS vs Vohcom Page

By Nick Chandi on 13-06-2016

Is your accounting firm operating at its fullest potential? Productivity, efficiency and a positive customer experience is what is most sought for. This research study is put together to review practice management applications that will streamline your office’s processes in-order for you to improve worker productivity and produce an exceptional customer experience. These practice management […]

5 Technological Advances to Transform Your CPA Firm

By Nick Chandi on 06-05-2016

They say history repeats itself. In the past, those who prevailed had more advanced technology. Genghis Khan and his warriors had the bow and arrows while riding horses. USA had their atomic bomb in World War 2. These are extremes but some can see wars as a symbolic representation to the competitive landscape in business. […]

3 Paths to a Mobile Accounting Firm

By Nick Chandi on 25-04-2016

With only 24 hours in a day and the business world moving fast, we’re always looking for ways to enhance productivity. No one is able to escape the mobile landscape because it makes lives so much easier. Employees are able to be more productive by having access to their data and applications from anywhere with […]

How to Fine Tune Your Office

By Radner Reyes on 24-03-2016

Hi Everyone, Nick, Partner of Welcome Networks Inc., just published a post on pulse on simple ways to fine tune your office. Check it out at You’ll find a few ways on how to enhance your workflow and reduce downtime!

Why Crushing Tax Season Stress is Important for Your Team

By Nick Chandi on 14-03-2016

Although stress can be used as a form of motivation, it can have negative effects down the road so we need to start thinking about preventative measures now. Some employees can be working about 40 hours a week during the off season and can drastically jump to working 60-70 hours a week during the tax […]

Collaborate with Office 365 to Increase Profits For Your Small Business

By Nick Chandi on 22-02-2016

When you’re a business owner you’re always looking out for a better return on your investment. One way to increase your ROI is to ensure your company’s operations are lean and running efficiently. How do you do this? Well, you can start by thinking of investing in your most valuable assets – your employees! They […]

Welcome Networks – A Microsoft Silver Partner

By Nick Chandi on 18-12-2015

Though we have been providing cloud based solutions to CPA firms in Canada and USA for a while now and all of our techs are fully certified, we recently started working on our partner status with Microsoft. I am happy to share with you that we achieved the Microsoft Silver Partner status for small and […]

The 5 Top Trends for Accountants in 2016!

By Nick Chandi on 04-12-2015

December is here and, with it, 2015 starts saying goodbye. A lot happened during this year, especially in the business world, and accountants from the four corners of the country were affected by the latest trends that have emerged onto a sweet spot in the big leagues, and they are going to rock 2016 up! […]