5 Benefits that Office 365 Provides

By Rick Dhatt on 18-06-2015

office-logoOffice 365 can be new and intimidating to a lot of us but businesses are beginning to see the benefits of switching over to Office 365. It is everything you have learned to use but enhanced to better suit the changing business environment. Technology is moving fast so it is expected that businesses must keep up to maximize their potential. Your employees are changing, your target market is changing and the future is changing.

Here are 5 benefits you can expect when making the switch to Office 365:

1. Simple Adaption Process

The only difference with Office 365 is that the software that you use and grew with are connected to your company in the cloud instead of being stored in the specific and multiple devices you would normally use every day for work. On top of that, Microsoft makes it easier for you by automatically updating and patching your licensed programs during their upgrade cycle! This is all done in the background and you no longer need to worry about who doesn’t have the latest version of the Microsoft Office software.

2. Security – Peace of Mind

Your data is one of your greatest assets. Microsoft has implemented a Security Development Lifecycle. This is a process that helps developers build and address security compliance requirements and improve the security of software. Essentially, Microsoft continuously monitors the systems and follows strict protocols to improve privacy controls. It is in their policy to not mine your data and implement layers of security features and practices to promote a safe environment.

3. Device Flexibility/Compatibility

Transitioning to Office 365 allows you to experience Microsoft Office through multiple-devices, from your office desktop to your tablet at home. Essentially, this simple transition will give you freedom to work, share and collaborate from anywhere that has an internet connection! Update a file on one device; it will sync with all the other devices automatically! Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are all compatible with Office 365.

4. Reliable and Convenient Access to Projects and Programs

Everything from your Excel spread sheets to PowerPoint presentations will be stored in your OneDrive and, again, be accessible with all of your devices. All files will be stored privately but you will also be able to share specific files to other users if you wish to collaborate with them in real-time. Guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime, with their multiple backup datacenters around the world, Office 365 provides reliable and convenient solutions. If one datacenter goes down, there will be another backup datacenters that will automatically support it. Additionally, Microsoft has recently announced that they are setting up datacenters in Canada sometime this year!

5. Last but not least…Improved Collaboration and Communication

Automatic syncing of documents and accessibility isn’t the only way Office 365 improves your team’s collaboration efforts. SharePoint allows teams to sync task lists, calendars and share insights to make sure everyone is on the same page with company information. Overall, it is a company’s information management system that can assist with executing strategies more effectively by keeping your team up to date. Many features are supported to also help the communication of teams.

Office 365 provides features that allow teams to connect with instant messaging and video or voice calls. These methods of communication can also be conducted in a group setting by inviting individuals to joining the call or chat room. Users are also able to communicate right on the document as they are working on it to keep it simple and convenient!

Hopefully you learned a little more about what Office 365 can provide. The possibilities are endless with the multiple features and ways of integration. Every company has their own way of working, Office 365 allows you to enhance and adapt your performance as the business environment continues to move. If the list above appeals to you, at least you know you are stepping forward in the right direction.

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