Five (Awesome) Benefits of Virtualizing Your Desktop

By Rick Dhatt on 30-10-2015


Virtual Desktops are one of the best tools a business can use to improve aspects as reliability, speed, security, versatility, and costs reduction. This can be inferred by outlining the main operational benefits of using Virtual Desktops.

  • First, the same image can be shared by all the virtual desktop users, which means that each user will be able to access the same operating system with the same installed applications. This saves time and costs on training and operations.
  • Second, once a hardware upgrade is required to run specific software or a new operating system, upgrading only the Virtual Desktop server will be enough to allow all the users to access the new software/operating systems from their own devices.
  • Third, no investment will be needed on high-performance storage, premium systems, power supplies, or high band-width networking since the Virtual Server provider will also provide all the structure necessary to support equal performance to all users.
  • Fourth, time can be saved by installing and updating drivers, patches, and applications only one time each since they will be accessed through the same server.
  • Fifth, since images can be accessed from any device, software problems can be solved from the data center, and, in case of hardware issues, the user can simply switch to a different device to continue to use the Virtual Desktop while the problem is being solved.
  • Bonus: the user is able to work from anywhere and at any time of the day just by having a compatible device with internet access.

These benefits can bring great improvements to businesses due to the flexibility that Virtual Desktops provide, and that’s why this tool is becoming so popular between companies that rely on computers to run their operations.

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