Five (Awesome) Benefits of Virtualizing Your Desktop

By Nick Chandi on 30-10-2015

Virtual Desktops are one of the best tools a business can use to improve aspects as reliability, speed, security, versatility, and costs reduction. This can be inferred by outlining the main operational benefits of using Virtual Desktops. First, the same image can be shared by all the virtual desktop users, which means that each user […]

10 Fun Short Facts About Cloud Computing

By Nick Chandi on 09-10-2015

                                                                                  Cloud computing is taking over the business scenario. Everybody knows that more and more companies […]

Improve Your Remote Printers

By Nick Chandi on 11-09-2015

Many of our clients have been wondering how printers will be connected to the cloud environments we setup for them. Although paperless technology is emerging, hard copies are still being used in today’s business environment. When printing is a major part of our client’s processes, many of them ensure the printer technology is not overlooked. […]

7 Steps Taken to Transfer to Your Virtual Desktop

By Nick Chandi on 03-07-2015

There are plenty of benefits when working in the cloud. Using cloud technology is so simple that sometimes people don’t actually realize they’re using it today with tools like Dropbox, Google Drive and Hootsuite! Take your business to the next level by transferring your desktop into the cloud and make it accessible with any device […]

5 Benefits that Office 365 Provides

By Nick Chandi on 18-06-2015

Office 365 can be new and intimidating to a lot of us but businesses are beginning to see the benefits of switching over to Office 365. It is everything you have learned to use but enhanced to better suit the changing business environment. Technology is moving fast so it is expected that businesses must keep […]

Quick Facts – Costs of Downtime

By Nick Chandi on 01-05-2015

The 2014/2015 tax season is over! Having fun yet? During the tax season rush it is very important to work with an efficient manner. But what happens when your systems go down? CA Technologies conducted a survey with about 2000 organizations across North America and Europe to get their insight on how downtime affects their […]

Accounting Firms IT – CATCH 22 (On-Premise vs Cloud Accounting)

By Nick Chandi on 16-04-2015

Remain On-premise Vs Cloud Accounting Jump In recent years, accounting firms have a lot at stake, when it comes to achieving higher ROI with IT operations. As traditional IT operations turn the corner and become increasingly cloud-based, accounting firms, like many other small and large business firms, are caught in the technology dilemma of today: […]

What Business Executives Have to Say About Cloud Computing

By Nick Chandi on 10-04-2015

It’s no secret, the cloud computing trend is starting to become unavoidable. From start up companies to companies that make billions in revenue, business owners can benefit from these products and services. Oxford Economics conducted a survey last year with 350 business executives. Results show the correlation between cloud computing and increased revenues – mainly […]

Canadians – Go Local in the Cloud

By Nick Chandi on 05-10-2014

As a Canadians business owner you need to be compliant of both federal & provincial privacy laws to protect the privacy of your customers. In Canada as of January 1, 2004, The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act called PIPEDA, applies to every organization that collects, uses or discloses personal information in the course […]

Technology is Reshaping Canadian Business: How to ensure your company keeps pace with IT growth and change

By Nick Chandi on 26-05-2014

Technology shaping businesses is part of evolution of civil society. Morse code and telephones did it in the previous centuries.  Computer and Information technology continues to drive changes not to just how businesses are conducted but how we lead our lives. However, the most disruptive technology of this millennium has been the refined technology mobile […]