Technology is Reshaping Canadian Business: How to ensure your company keeps pace with IT growth and change

By Rick Dhatt on 26-05-2014

Technology shaping businesses is part of evolution of civil society. Morse code and telephones did it in the previous centuries.  Computer and Information technology continues to drive changes not to just how businesses are conducted but how we lead our lives. However, the most disruptive technology of this millennium has been the refined technology mobile […]

How SMBs with Mobile/Cloud strategies see better results?

By Rick Dhatt on 07-05-2014

Technology adoption is a primary asset for accelerated growth especially for Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs).  In recent times the most omnipotent technology penetration has been the mobile form factor and businesses located in countries such as US and Canada with high density network and communication carriers have benefitted largely from the ‘always-on’ connectivity […]

How to select a vendor to evaluate your Accounting Firms’ core workflow and IT infrastructure?

By Jag Barpagga on 20-04-2014

In a digital environment, it is essential for accountancy firms to remain on top of the Information Technology needs of their firm. A secure, reliable, robust IT infrastructure and sophisticated workflow process forms the core of every accountancy firm, driving higher client engagement, efficiency and linearity. Accounting firms too battle IT infrastructure costs much like […]

Cloud and Managed Services – Cost savings opportunities for Canadian Accounting firms

By Jag Barpagga on 03-03-2014

From Prince George, BC to Charlottetown, PEI small and mid-sized accounting firms have reaped many benefits from adopting managed and Cloud based technology services. The Canadian Professional Accountants of Canada says Small and Medium Practices (SMPs) have many opportunities to cut costs with the Cloud. Direct and indirect cost savings have included: Flexible information availability […]

Leading technology trends your accounting firm needs to stay on top this year

By Jag Barpagga on 13-02-2014

Canadian accounting firms have the unenviable responsibility of advising their clients about not just their financial practices, but also about subject matter such as compliance to legal, information management, human capital management and technology matters as well. Often firms can be so focused on helping their clients to address their information management needs that they […]

7 Advantages to Cloud Computing for SMB

By Rick Dhatt on 10-08-2011

As a small business owner or future entrepreneur, you understand that saving time and saving money whenever possible are both critical to your success. Whether you are just starting out or your business is more mature, cloud software and services can help you cut costs while also freeing up your time so you can concentrate […]