The 5 Top Trends for Accountants in 2016!

By Rick Dhatt on 04-12-2015


December is here and, with it, 2015 starts saying goodbye. A lot happened during this year, especially in the business world, and accountants from the four corners of the country were affected by the latest trends that have emerged onto a sweet spot in the big leagues, and they are going to rock 2016 up!

1- Cloud Accounting

It couldn’t have been different. Cloud accounting is THE major trend between accountants in 2015. Several different platforms that vary from Google Drive to Dropbox, or from Welcome Networks to SlickPie are now a must have for any accounting firm. These platforms allow the user to operate practically his/her whole accounting firm from anywhere, at anytime, which is extremely useful (or even necessary) in the always-connected society way of life. Since the cloud is an information exchange tool, security is priority number when accountants look for such services.

2- Data Visualization

The present era is the era of the minutes, which means that people aren’t willing to spare not even minutes on things that they think they could do in less time. Well, data visualization is definitely one of them. Information analysis is crucial for any business, especially for accountants, so be visual! Use lots of graphs, flowcharts, and infographics with simple and quickly understandable concepts to optimize time and increase information retention.

3- Client-Accountant Relationship

Long gone are the days in which accountants were only visited by clients during occasional times or during income tax statement time. Now, the client-accountant relationship has shifted to a more personal and constant one, in which the accountant is a permanent part and, sometimes, a decider in some of the companies’ activities.

4- Dollar Tracking

Forget about raw numbers and calculations, doing only that is not enough anymore. Accountants are being looked for to track the path taken by each and every dollar received and spent by companies. Accountability is a major trend in the market, since it passes credibility towards the clients, and tracking dollars is one of the best ways to do that.

5- Social Media

Last, but not least, social media! The apple of the eye of 93% of Marketers. Yes, social media is really amazing and is already a HUGE part in accounting firms’ success. Since nearly every single person in developed countries is on social media, that’s a huge opportunity for reaching out to the audience. Plus, the majority of businesses is also on social media, so that’s one of the best ways to engage with prospect clients, or even to break the ice with a couple of current clients.

Say bye-bye to 2015, and welcome 2016 by bringing these trends to use right away!

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